How do you do your cross browser testing? Perhaps you have had to have setup and run a virtual machine and used tools such as IE Tester. Any way you cut it, it is always a hassle to test multiple Operating Systems with multiple browsers, with each of those browsers having several versions that are in circulation. Having to suffer through this process on a daily basis got me searching for a better solution.

BrowserStack meet reader, reader meet BrowserStack.

The best thing about BrowserStack is that it just works. It’s simple and runs in any browser, so you no longer have to wait for your virtual machine to boot up and stumble through half-baked programs just to test your beautifully coded website.


  • Live Browsing In Every Major Browser
  • Test Using Multiple Operating Systems Including iOS & Android
  • Local Testing


Subscriptions for individuals start at $24/mo. or $228/yr. Definitely worth every penny.

But who am I to tell you what is good or not? Check it out for yourself.