Responsive design is an approach to web development that focuses on tailoring the structure and format of your content so that it is optimal for viewing across multiple platforms.

Plain English: Your website looks just as awesome on a mobile device as it does on your desktop.



Plan with the future in mind

Research indicates that mobile web browsing will surpass desktop internet usage by 2015. Another study points out that 25% of all mobile users rely solely on their handheld device to view the web.

Don’t miss out

Every time someone visits your site on their mobile device, what do they see? Do they have to zoom in and pan to find what they are looking for because the text is so small it’s unintelligible?

Perhaps you have an online store and because your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices they lose interest in your site and leave frustrated missing out on your great products.

The end-users, your customers, want information that is easily accessible and any extra steps that they have to make can be devastating to their overall experience on your site.

Grow your business

Mark Ward Design can help your website look great on any device. Allow me the opportunity to discuss with you what web design solution is right for your business.

Want a mobile friendly website?

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