If you are trying to connect to a server and receive the error message ‘Cannot read the content of the XML resource: IDD_SSH_KEY_CHANGE_DIALOG’ there is a simple solution.

You need to delete ssh_hosts file or you can rename it to ssh_hosts .bak. This file is found inside the Dreamweaver configuration folder.

For Mac Users:
~/Library/Application/Support/{Your Version of Dreamweaver}/en_US/configuration/ssh_hosts

If your Library folder is hidden, you have to go into Terminal to make it visible, see the tutorial here:

For Windows:
Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\Dreamweaver CS5\Configuration\ssh_hosts

After deleting or renaming ssh_hosts file, reconnect using Dreamweaver and it should just work.

Comment below if that worked for you, or if there are any other helpful tips regarding this error.


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