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6 Reasons why your business needs a website

Your competition already has a website Let's face it, it's 2018 YOU NEED A WEBSITE. Without a web presence it is a struggle to reach out to new customers. We live in an internet/social media driven world. The internet is the first place people look Your website is...

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How Do Search Engines Work?

Crawling Crawling the billions of documents, pages, files, news, videos, and media on the Web. Indexing Once the engines do their job they have all this information about each site and they store it in in massive databases. This information is then accessed when it is...

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Paul Smith: The Typewriter Artist

Born in 1921 during a time when people with cerebral palsy received little support and garnered little attention from the community, Paul Smith lived a full life painting intricate pictures with what, at the time, was a common office machine – the manual typewriter.

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Remove Custom Post Type Slug from Permalink

There are times that you want to stray from the regular permalink structure that WordPress applies to your custom post types.  For a recent project I was needing to remove the CPT slug from the permalink, so a page url like  "/events/some-event-slug/" would have the...

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